Blueprint events from UObjects

I have a UObject (a photon client) variable in my Gameinstance which handles joining lobbies/Rooms etc. Is there any way I can generate events from C++ which I can catch in a level blueprint ? Right now I am just setting flags for events on the c++ side and processing these in the Tick event which works but is obviously not clean.

Previously the photon client was blue print class so I could handle the custom events within its blueprint but I made this a UObject and attached it to a game instance since I wanted it to exist throughout the session across level loads . Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have exactly the same requirement - a custom C++ class derived from UObject, that should fire events, which have to be processed in a level BP. Do you (or anybody else) found a solution to this yet?

No clean solutions yet. I am still using flags and triggering events in the Tick function. The only solution I can think of right now is to have an Actor object in the custom class which will be used to trigger the blueprint events. Havent done this yet so I am not sure if there wil be any issues. Will post later with results.