Blueprint event not occuring

so I am Following the Endless runner tutorial on Youtube. i am doing exactly the same things, the only difference is that i am using a car and not a character. what i’m having a problem with is that when the car crashes into an obstacle (big rocks) it’s supposed stop (of course),disappear and explode but it’s doing none of those things.

below is the blueprints:
Death custom event on player event graph

OncomponentHIt on obstacle event graph

can anybody tell me what’s missing? or what i’m doing wrong?

Hi Hoodini,

Can you verify you have enabled the checkbox under ‘Collision’ that is called ‘Simulation Generates Hit Events’? If this isnt selected hit events won’t be fired. If this is selected, could you also just check if the OnComponentHit event is fired by having the blueprint open while running it, as that would be helpful to know if the problem is with the OnComponentHit or your other blueprint stuff at the custom event (although nothing looks wrong there from what I can see).



oh my god I want to thank you so much i didn’t know. in the tutorial it was automatic so i thought it should work fine (im a noob). thank you very much

No problem! Glad I could help