Blueprint Essentials 10 problem?

I tried to follow the tutorial at but the tutorial was done on older version of UE4 and I have UE4.6.1. The BaseWall and Root variables (I think) are listed under Components and not under Variables in the “My Blueprint” window. I couldn’t find “Add Pillar_50x500 (as StaticMeshComponent)” node. How can I fix the problem?

You’ll find pillar and other related meshes under starter content / architecture folder.

After I click on the pillar in the starter content / architecture folder, where should I drag it to? I also did the road tool tutorial at and it worked.

Once mesh selected in content folder by clicking on it, you go back to your blueprint in component tab and click on add component. You’ll have on the first lines : static mesh (name of the mesh you have selected) click on it and it will be added to your blueprint. Compile and save and you’ll have it in the myblueprint tab of your event graph with other components, under your variables.

I got the wall spline working but I’m not sure about the end point when I use 400cm wall sections. The end point may stay with the last wall section while the next wall section is being drawn while stretching the spline. I tried to add my own road meshes to the road spline but I don’t see my own road meshes being drawn. If I create a road mesh that is 3 meters by 3 meters, what should I do to the blueprint?