Blueprint detachment by updating to 4.25?


I have a heavy archviz project with 4.23 and I recently updated to 4.25 to use new point cloud feature.

And it started showing interesting symptoms!

Overall, it acts like it stashed all the old blueprints somewhere and cut all connections to the blueprints in the contents folders.

  1. The blueprint event graph doesn’t show the firing action! (pipes between nodes blinking orange).

  2. But it actually works? It actually does all the scripted actions connected to EventBeginPlay or InputEvents. It just doesn’t show that it’s firing in the event graph screen. (even the EventTick)

  3. Any blueprint changes since the update to 4.25 doesn’t apply. Yes, I compiled, saved, saved all, even did migrate. I can edit and save the blueprint but it doesn’t actually apply in actual Play. It just use old blueprint that doesn’t even exist anymore.

I’ve plow through contents folders but no clue so far. Project setting and World setting is correctly aiming at the right blueprints. I deleted intermediate folder but same issue.

My remained sanity says there must be some lines in some shady settings to tell where to look for the old blueprint but no luck so far.