blueprint debugging slow \ uses all ram.

hey there

When I go to a blueprint in the debugger my ram usage skyrockets, and unreal crashes occasionally.
The same thing happens if I hover over a line, of a variable or flow in the blueprint.

Is there any way I can see why this is happening to troubleshoot it.
When I run my game I have <1000 actors in total.
90% of it is a single actor with 900 instances.

I’m really scracthing my head here and obviously can’t debug the issue very well (since it crashes). there were no paricular time that this happened. My project has been like this since having very few things other than playercontroller, game mode \ state and two or so other actors.

For me, print string wins over the debugger every time.

Do you have a lot of copies of one BP in the level, or are you debugging the level BP?

My level has almost zero code.

I’ve got a couple of startup items in player controller, game state and nothing in game mode.

I have a cube actor with basic material which on begin play of level, I call to create a grid of 25x25 (of those cubs).
the rest of my code is all sitting in individual actors.

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Ok. Sounds alright.

Try print string :slight_smile:

ye ah, but I’ve got some structures and maps which is dynamic so can’t really print string it all … are there other ways to debug?

Not that I know of…

omg, I’ve been hassling about this issue for months, in this forum, reddit , discord with heaps of responses but no fixes.
So I browse to see what my other options are to debug, check cache, clr etc. and I decide to “delete all breakpoints” from the menu…

Problem solved!

Most of my breaks were disabled (red circle ) but I don’t tend to remove them because the areas usually cause issues. Looks like there is an overhead of sorts for it!

Not this is not solved. It temporarily resolved the issue however a while later it soon re-appeared.


so much for celebration, for a moment there I thought I can just code like normal. But few items in (no breakpoints added) but issue is back

First, you might want to remove your reply as the answer, since many people will skip resolved questions

I had some major slowness in UE a while back and couldn’t figure it out until I realized I had a bunch of code in a Widget constructor that was updating every tick. Any chance you’re doing something heavy in constructors?

Not that I know off but might be worth checking it out TY!

This still appears to be an issue…