Blueprint debug flow for left click not showing

So I’m currently experimenting with the RTS Toolkit from the marketplace and encountered a strange bug.

There’s a Character_RTS blueprint with a “Left Mouse Button” node and if I debug it the flow shows for both pressed and released.
When you click the left mouse button the event then checks if left shift is being held down and if that is the case it calls an event in a different blueprint (HUD_Strategy).
When I debug the instance of HUD_Strategy the flow does not show up for that event when I hold shift while clicking. The weird thing is it doesn’t even show up anymore in the Character_RTS blueprint.
I can debug Character_RTS alone but as soon as I debug HUD_Strategy as well or alone the flow for those events no longer show up.
The flow for Left Mouse Button pressed should appear no matter if shift is held down or not and that is the case when I only debug Character_RTS. But while I’m debugging HUD_Strategy as well the flow for Left Mouse Button pressed is only displayed if I click without holding shift.
However, the flow of all other events are still being displayed. Even the flow for Left Mouse Button released is displayed, not matter if I hold shift or not.
I replaced shift with other keys but it doesn’t make a difference.
I put print nodes in the events to see if they are firing. The events in both blueprints are actually firing when I hold shift and click. Their flow is simply not being displayed.

I don’t know what causes this bug but it’s really annoying if you rely on the debugging flows of blueprints and spend 30 minutes trying to figure out why your blueprint is not working while it actually is.