BluePrint Corrupted, Crash when opening Project

Hi Again. I never encountered this bug again… until now… Yep…
So I Worked Today on a new project. i Made up a very similar Setup that the one i had on the ResistanceProject, but from the FirstPerson template this time.

No Projectile class this time (only the one that comes with the template) but a similar bug. This Time the two class that seems to pose problem are MyCharacter and RizeWeapon. Anytime I touch those, editor Crashes, Removing Mycharacter gives me the possibility to open my other Blueprints.

Changing the name of MyCharacter inside my project folder document also provide me the possibility to access all my blueprint without crash.
There i can see that DefaultPawnClass inside “MyGame” is automatically set to None, some node gets automatically disconnected, and that all the “cast to MyCharacter” nodes inside RizeWeapon are now considered bad. If i fix the blueprints, game is up and running again.

When i Compile RizeWeapon i get the little green icon, but when i then compile MyCharacter, the RizeWeapon Compile Icon shows the orange “Dirty” (And Vice-Versa)

If i save and close the editor, everything bug again.

I Wonder if this is not coming from a simple “DependsOn” option that we had in UnrealScript, and that might ■■■■ up the blueprint, but i sincerly have no idea.

I am Currently still using 4.0.2, please let me know if i can get rid of this bug by upgrading, or if it will still be there.
Hope those additionnal infos might help you improve the engine, cause unfortunatly this Post might not be “resolved” ;(

Love you still.

Here are the Assets used (Notice that i might have renamed stuff after the crash, but no rename was done before the crash occured)link text

link text

Omg i just posted such a long comment on a Reiteration of the bug but it just dissapeared, the Post still lost its “resolved flag” but the message just dissapeared. I am very sorry but i dont have the energy to right everything again. In Short, Same bug again, on a new Project base on the FirstPerson BP template this time. Quite the same structure. Here are the assets link text

I am still on 4.0.2, if this bug is fixed on 4.1 please let me know.
You might find some Additionnal information if the comment i just posted is still stored somewhere. If you have any question i’ll Answer them gladly.

Love you.
edit:Seems like my original comment found his way back.

That’s a bummer that it is still happening for you :frowning:

First off, I would definitely recommend upgrading to 4.1. With each release, we’ve been fixing up so many issues that this will always be our first piece of advice. So give that a try and let me know if you’re still running into the crash.

I’ll take these assets and give them a look over and let you know if I find any issues myself.

As always, thanks for bringing these issues to our attention!

I couldn’t reproduce your crash with the assets you gave me. Was it happening for you when you were opening either the MyCharacter or RizeWeapon blueprint?

This hopefully mean that your issue has since been fixed, and 4.1 is worth trying. Let us know how that goes.

In other news, about the two blueprints dirtying each other from compiling. This is somewhat a known issue, and it does mean that the two blueprints have been identified as depending on each other. Usually the dependence goes one way, but often you can get a circular dependency like you have here.

We’re a bit heavy handed in marking dependent blueprints dirty (if it depends at all, then we dirty it). We need to be more mindful of what has changed to see if it actually alters the dependent blueprints (and only mark dirty then). I’ve logged this as an issue for us to follow up on.

Thanks, and hopefully 4.1 resolves your issues!

Ok, I am now on 4.1, and better structure for no dependencies loop allow my projects to work. Apparently, making loop dependencies crash the project, and making mutual dependencies on two direct child of a same class does not crash, but some connections do not save when rebooting the editor, (and doesn’t work on a package game). Also, putting a blueprint directly inside a map, instead of putting a volume making it spawn for exemple, can create dependencie problem while launching the game on PC or launching the packaged version of it.

Could you provide us with some assets that are exhibiting these issues? Thanks!

Mike, To quote Talus, “and making mutual dependencies on two direct child of a same class does not crash, but some connections do not save when rebooting the editor, (and doesn’t work on a package game).” We experience that as well and it is interesting that Talus came to this conclusion about the cause. We have another post here describing the problem, and we are in the process of zipping and FTPing 2 project folders, one without the breaking change and one with.

Hopefully that other thread ends up resolving this issue, I’m marking this one back as answered since this is a separate topic. You got some good people on that other thread and collectively I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this. Please post there if you have any further information on the subject.

Cheers - MikeB