Blueprint component questions

  • I find that if I add a component to an actor Blueprint and I try to change its scale (in its Properties, Relative Scale 3D), it doesn’t actually change its scale (regardless of whether the Absolute Scale property is checked). However, if I add additional components beneath that component, I will be able to scale those as intended. I realize I can scale the Blueprint object itself once I place it in the world, but there must be some way.
  • Alternatively, is there a recommended dummy object /null object I could use, so that I could then place child components beneath those and scale them?
  • Is there any way to reparent a component in a Blueprint? I find that each new component I add is parented to the child-most existing component. Presumably there is some way to either add a new component below an existing one or change a component’s parent after I’ve added it, but I can’t seem to find how to do either one. (EDIT: for some reason, dragging the components wasn’t working when I tried it, but it’s working fine now).

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your question. The first object placed in the Components becomes the Root. The Root can not be translated, rotated or scaled in components, because that would be done once the blueprint is placed in the level (every other component under it will move, rotate and scale with it). A good placeholder would be the arrow, because you can see exactly which way the rotation is and can draw lines from it if you need in the blueprint. A scene component is basically a point by default and could make a good dummy as well. What Mehmet said is correct for your third question: “You can drag components to change hierarchy as you wish.” If there is anything else that I can assist you with, please let me know.

Thank you,


SceneComponent is what to use as a lightweight ‘dummy’ component with no rendering, collision etc.

You can drag components to change hierarchy as you wish(except for the first component that is attached to the Root). When you hold and drag a component onto another one you’ll see attach/detach notifications. Also you can use a box or capsule component as dummy.

Thanks – for some reason, when I tried it, click-and-drag reparenting wasn’t working for me.

I suppose I could use a box or capsule as a dummy parent, but I’d have to give it no static mesh and turn off collision, etc. Was wondering if there was a simpler or more standardized way to do this.

You can always turn off collision of a box/capsule component. And they are not visible in game.