Blueprint communication - seems simple in my head...but

Hi Guys,

I’ve hit a wall here and hope someone can shed some light on this for me. I’m pretty new to blueprints so any tricks or suggestions are much appreciated.

I have a blueprint that consists of a door that shuts, at the origin. This uses the “move to” command.
In another actor blueprint I am spawning the door blueprint at various intervals using the “spawn actor”, and when the player moves past any of these spawned doors I want the event to run my animated move-to command from the door blueprint.

This isn’t working as the animation is only being applied to the original instance of the door, and not each new instance being spawned.

I’ve tried putting this in an array but im not happy with that either, seems simple enough that im just missing something?

Door blueprint closes doors, each instance of this blueprint in another blueprint will run “closeing doors” when requirments met.

Any help much appreciated.


Are you using a trigger box? And why not just use a timeline to animate the doors?

yeah I have a timeline version working as well, same issues though.
Im reading player location to determine the event, not a trigger collision. The issue is that im trying to spawn new blueprints (which works) but each new instance doesn’t listen to the original component movement event. Ie the event is firing when i want it to, but every spawn of the blueprint stops applying the relative component movement.

I Will go with HaxO.

Set a trigger box around the door and run your timeline / montage.

Can you post a pic of your code

Okay thanks guys, I’ll try using trigger collision and timeline when I’m back at it. If it still doesn’t work I’ll post some screenshots of what I’m trying

Amazing! I got it to work with a trigger volume, my issue before when using collision is that the reference to the other blueprint to get the “other actor” for comparing the overlap event seems to not have been updating. When revisiting the trigger collision and taking that branch out so that any overlap triggers the event it works fine, even with additional continuing instances.

Thanks Guys :slight_smile: