Blueprint Combination Lock Issues

I have been trying for sometime to figure out how to give rotation a true or false value. What I have going on is a series of three levers that turn a series of dials individually, these dials will open up a door in the end and I can only imagine that i need a true or false situation. Each dial needs to be turned to a specific degree in order to open the door. I need the first to be at 60, second at -120 (turns in opposite direction) and the other at 300. Anybody have any ideas on how to give rotation a value of true or false?

when player activates a lever you can set a bool “lever1” with a branch which check if rotation = correct value. if ok then you set “lever1” to true and if not you set it to false.

On true, you check the two other levers (another branch with “lever2” And boolean “lever3” as condition for true) and on true, you open then door.

Edit do a lever1 and lever2 and lever3 as condition to open door then you’ll can use it after all the lever position check.

And same for the others.

You could also get the vector direction for the dial, a direction vector to the correct direction. Do a dot product, figure out if the distance is within a allowd treshold (important if the rotation is completly free, since you won’t stop at a fixed location).

If you rotate fixed degrees, this is less of an issue, you should be able to get the rotation value out of the lever, compare it to a parameter you set and see if they match.

So you can’t give a rotation value a state of true or false, since it’s a rotation, but you can use logic to define if the state of the rotation coresponds to what you define as true or false.

I changed up the blueprint I was using a blueprint that turns right when you press “R” inside of a trigger box and Left when I press “E” inside the same trigger box. i set this up for the three different dials. I believe I can still test out both of your examples, unless you guys believe I can do this easier by eliminating the levers? I am pretty sure now I might only be referencing the rotation of each object at this point.

I am so stumped here. The three dials are need to be turned to a set degree, each having it’s on set degree to unlock the door. i know I don’t need the Dot product node anymore because I created a key event that’s locked into a trigger box so that I can only use that function unless I am in that volume. i need those three dials to communicate with the door so that it opens. I was using itween’s move to/from function and I tried timeline, is matinee the answer?

Check the content example : blueprint_communication : bp_interactive_switch. It uses a rotating switch with a timeline. I tried to add a print string after the “set relative rotation” and i got the values from min to max. (it does only top and down but by using release you certainly can add more degrees. Or do a -10 / + 10 degrees system on click)