Blueprint Child Doesn't inherit event graph

Hi Folks.

I created a simple blueprint pickup that destroys itself when picked up.

I now want to make a subclass of this object, that when picked up, not only destroys itself but adds to a count.

When I click “Create blueprint based on this” I get a child blueprint, but the event graph is empty.

I must be missing something. Can anyone shed light on this? I’d like the child to inherit the event graph of the which point I can also define more specific behaviour.

You won’t get the parent event graph.

As in every language the child inherits all functions but is not the same.

It will still destroy itself if you leave that graph empty or at least don’t use the same event twice.

If you use an event in your child BP make sure you rightclick and “Add call to parent” since otherwise you will overwrite that event.


The even graph is empty as you should not be able to change it’s functions in any way as in every language. You get functions, can override events or pass them on.

Brilliant answer - cheers!