Blueprint character still visible after being destroyed

Hi - I am swapping my main character using a ‘spawn actor class’ node.
I am able to swap characters but the original character/actor stays visible in my scene even though I have a destroy actor node.
Any suggestions ? (I should point out that the actor I’m attempting to remove/destroy destroyed is a wheeled vehicle).

Try printing the Player character ‘0’ display name before the DestroyActor node and just after it to make sure it was actually destroyed, this way we can validate you are getting the right Character reference

Strange - the main character is a cyclist - the Blueprint is called Racing_Bike, but everytime I play the game it seems to make a new reference ie. the player characters name is printed as “Racing_Bike_C_41” and if I quit and restart its “Racing_Bike_C_42” and so on.
The actor destroy node has no impact on the character name - it remains the same. Any idea what I should do from here ?

The reference name being changed everytime you run the game is fine, they are new references so they receive new names not to conflict with the previous allocated references, I suppose.
So, I understood that you’ve printed the display name of the “Get Player Character” at index ‘0’ reference just after the Destroy Actor node and it is still printing something? That’s odd, cause I’ve tested here and it prints nothing.

Try this instead of using Get Player Character: