Blueprint Camera Control like Strategy Game Example?


I’ve been playing around with different camera’s, my Thirdperson one works like a charm, but there is parts of the project in wich the camera detaches from the character (That’s easy enough)
and the controller moves the camera around like in an RTS Game.

I easily implemented WASD, or clicking to move the camera to a location, and there is a lot of Tutorials out there to do just that, but I could not find an answer how to implement it so the camera lookat rotates around a point on the map the mouse clicked and held on.

Basically its just supposed to sit at the end of a vector that extends from the point I clicked on I guess, I tried diffrent approaches using Vectors or Axis from the mouse, axis reset to 0 quickly so I just get a small jitter,moving between two points the mouse keeps flowing across the landscape going further and further rather than stopping eventually.

The exact type of movement I want is in the Strategy Game Example, however I cant make much out of the C++ Implementation.
Another good example would be the way you move around blueprint graphs by clicking and dragging.

Any Help would be very appreciated.

Thanks and regards,