Blueprint/C++ UE4 Developer

Hello, I’m Dima with 4+ years of experience in the Unreal Engine 4 and mostly in blueprints, but I know C++.
Looking for long term projects or short term.


  • AR / VR,
  • PC / Mobile
  • AI / EQS,
  • Animation,
  • UMG,
  • Optimization (From PC to Mobile, GPU, CPU, Blueprints),
  • Materials,
  • Replication,
  • Vehicles (Car pawn),
  • VR (PC oculus rift s, HTC Vive), (Mobile oculus quest, oculus go, gear VR, daydream, cardboard).
  • Source control Git, Perforce.

Also, I’m the marketplace creator LINK, wrote from my personal account.

Previous Work:
[FONT=Times New Roman]Own funny oculus quest VR game. Developed by me alone archer Oculus Quest VR game, with pawns setup, damage system, HP, Bow/Arrows (3 different levels), UI, AI, EQS, Optimization 65-72fps (Level streaming, LODs, Merging), Sounds, and more.

AR Jaguar F Pace in AR/Mobile, video:



Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: dima9488

Additional Information:
Better work from home.
Can work per hour
Can be a mentor in UE4, Blueprints, or other my strong skill parts.

Bump bumpp

Bump bumpp

Hello. I sent you a private message.


just sent you a message on Skype!