Blueprint Bot AI

Hello, i have made a bot ai in blueprint with los.
It works nicely but the bot can “see” the player if he is behind the bot.
Is there a way to make it in fov (see player only in front of the bot) ?

Greez DarkSoe


If you make a vector towards the player.
Take the look direction of the bot.
Normalize both, do a dot produkt.
You should now have a value between 1(forward) to -1(backward). if you ignore anything that is less /equal 0 you will ignore anything thats behind the bot.

It i remember correctly. The important part is that the vector is towards the player.

You could add pawnsense component to the bot and use that to see and hear the player instead, this is what I have done and it works great.

You get a lot of added functionality when using this component, i.e. Vision Angle, Hearing and Sight controls.

Thanks Solft my LOS Problem.