Blueprint behavior


If I create a blueprint and do not attach it to any actor inside the level, it just sits in the content browser, does it’s variables and data resets change when switching a level? can it communicate with blueprints that are inside the level ? (similar to generic C# class in unity that has no monobehavior and can be used while living in the content browser, using them for generic machines to manage pools, data and stuff like that. they connect to some object in the scene eventually via GameInstance).

@dumdumbunny Nope, you need to have an instance of it in the level…

thank you.
what type of actor I need to create to have something similar to a “null” in unity? actor that is only holding blueprints with behavior?

And what nodes to use to spawn it from GameInstance?

I’m not familiar with Unity, but have you taken a look at the **Object **class? You can find it at the top of the hierarchy when you create a new blueprint.

You will still have to create an instance of it using the Construct Object from Class node, but unlike actors, it doesn’t have any scene component to represent it physically within the game world. I generally use it if there is no need for a blueprint class to physically be present or interact with the world.

So if that sounds similar to what you’re looking for, you can take a look at these threads for comparisons between objects & actors:…136#post539136…539#post269539

Thank you. sounds like what i was looking for.
I start playing with it

so i try to **Construct Object from Class, in “Outher” I deliver my custom UObject
(created by create -> blueprint _> blueprint class -> selected “Object” top of the list, and then clicked “select” on the green button)

What should I connect to “class” input? i search for “Object” but could not find it. is hat the equivalent of “as” in C#?

thanks for helping **

Alright, so let’s say that the name of the new object class you created is BP_TestObject. When you call the Construct Object from Class node, you set this BP_TestObject class as the Class Input. You should be able to find your object class in the dropdown.

As for the Outer, it basically says who owns the object that is being created, probably to avoid being garbage collected if nothing is referencing the object. So you can just pass the “Self” node if you want the blueprint that creates the object to be its Outer.

Thank you !
That worked. I continue learning