Blueprint Automated Door Tutorial Issues

Okay so i have been going crazy with this tutorial.

I am having some small issues. First off all it says is to down load the zip file then Simply drop the contents of this zip into the Content folder of your project.
So I am making a new Blue Print third Person project. After it is made I am closing it out going to Documents/Unreal Projects/DoorTutorial/Content and dropping in the unzipped file in there under the name Door (the zip file is named door). I load back up my project and there on the Content Browser I see the folder I see the contents everything is there. Now here is where my issues come in. I create my new folder for the blueprint. I create the blueprint actor I save I right click the blueprint and open in full editor. I go back to the main window out of blueprint editor and find the door model its asking me to use select it then click add component. I got through the next part add the doorway under the root of the door frame and when it adds the items in all the textures on the door and the frame vanish and I am left with a gray door model. If I try to just drop other items from the door folder into the world the textures all vanish and the preview icons either go all gray or turn to a clear sphere.

I can keep going (and I did half of the tutorial) Got the door working and stuff but it bugged the heck out me me that all the textures vanish and things turn gray. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be wonderful

thanks in advance

I understand that would be frustrating - sorry about that. :frowning:

When that tutorial was first written (seriously, like 2 years ago now) there wasn’t a smooth way to migrate that sort of thing. Lots of changes have taken place since. I’m going to make a few changes (probably just get everything assembled and stick it into a project) and see if I can simplify this process moving forward, since I still feel like that tutorial could be useful to folks.

Thanks for the reply. The tutorial is super helpful. It was fun getting into the blue print stuff. I just thought I was doing something wrong. But textures who needs them lol. That what artists are for lol. I am going to finish tutorial up.


I’m having a similar issue. in that when I open the “S_LT_Doors_SM_Door05” either in the static mesh editor or the level itself. It does not have any materials applied to it. Opening the materials shows that the links to the textures are missing, but it is not clear which textures go where.
It would be handy to have a screenshot of the set up of each of the materials and textures so that we can fix those and use them. Would you be able to provide this ? Many thanks

i’ve download it now and all seems ok here, so maybe did you removed material by inadvertance. Material for S_LT_Doors_SM_Door05 is M_LT_Doors_SM_Door04_Z, an instanced material of M_LT_Doors_SM_Door04_Gold. If you issue with your download try to download it again.