Blueprint Animation Node and problem[VIDEO]


Been two days already, still haven’t figured how to fix this one.

When it moves instantly… In the first video it works properly, the logic should be fine there, but when I turn the legs behind(180 degrees, second video) and try to do the same, it treats it as if it’s already past the limit and it tries to turn behind or something… because in worldspace statistics it’s already past 180 degrees…I think.


I use the yaw value of Get Control Rotation for my compass heading. Basically it goes from 0…359 so that might or might not be your problem. GetActorRotation on the other hand, has yaw values of -180…180, so I wonder if that is what you want? or GetBaseAimRotation which seems to return the same thing in Yaw.

It took me long enough to find that GetControlRotation seems to return world space heading (which is what I wanted) in yaw. So maybe experiment by printing out the values you are getting.

In the second video you see that the “butt” bone(along with the legs) is in the opposite direction(in comparison with the first video), I just want it to behave the same way as in the first video in all directions, I think that is the best explanation that I can give…

But yes, I will try out your suggestions.

I’ve tried using the nodes you recommended, none worked for me :P.

What I need is a way to branch something in the AnimationBlueprint in such a way that if ControlRotation goes above 180degrees, I just minus it by itself or something similar.
If I could use the rotation of the “butt” bone as relative everything would be fine.

The formula would be as this: