Blue Prints Help

Hello, I’ve been using UE4 for the last few months and I understand the level design and art aspect of the Engine. What I can’t wrap my head around are the blueprints, I can’t find a good tutorial from start to finish on how blueprints work as well as how to use them. I would really like it if someone linked me to a playlist on youtube or a site thats really helpful. Please and thank you!

The best on Epics’s channel. it might seems messy at the beginning, but once you check the playlists, there is a nice list been added a few months ago or so, which is into the blueprint ecosystem:


I’ve seen most of those, but I don’t see how to have a character be playable and movable.

A “Character” blueprint, is playable by default!

if you want a quick guide about making character, you can check this tutorial:


I’m also looking for menus and settings for the game. Thank you so much, I don’t mean for you to look all this up for me…

Thank you for your answer, I completed what I wanted to do with the videos you gave links to and this one here Here are my results

Now just have to look up menus…