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Hey everyone, we want to make sure you know where to give us feedback on blog posts, live broadcasts and more. In order to avoid a ton of stickies in General Discussion, we’re filtering lots of content to Announcements and Releases.

From the UE4 blog **We’re working to bring comment functionality to the blog, so in the meantime, please comment here!

4.1 Update Preview by Mike Fricker

Network Tips and Tricks by John Pollard

Cascade VFX Tutorial Series by Tim Elek

Improving Frame Rate Through Video Settings by Martin Mittring

UX - Striving to Offer You a Compelling Experience by Celia Hodent

Blueprint Editor Tips and Tricks by Michael Noland

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Twitch broadcast discussion
Please tell us how often you’d prefer to watch streams, what topics you’d like to see covered, and which developers you care to hear from.
Streams are posted on this YouTube playlist as soon as we can get them up.

===UPDATE, AUGUST 5, 2014===
We finally have blog commenting enabled on! Rejoice!
*Unsticking this post, finally. *

Tutorial oriented streams would be really great.

Maybe some basic tutorial covering a specific topic like Slate, for example. And then Q&A about what has been taught.

I have been streaming on twitch myself.
Learning as I go. So if you want to learn the things I learn, join me.

I really like all the posts you have added to the blog, along with the tutorials on YouTube, but I would suggest that the pictures posted in the blog has links to a larger version.
The resolution of them is very small, and sometimes we want to expand the image to view image details and ended up losing quality.

I loved all the blog posts. Great information and enough to learn. Thanks for providing such opportunity to learn those interesting things online.