BLOCKER - Project crashes on opening

Explain the issue: My project I just started is crashing when opening.
Evidence: none
If replicable, how: I imported an fbx, adjusted some materials by adding textures and added a capture area device as well as a VFX creator in the Island. saved then tried to launch session. Had an editor not connected note at the top in FN for a while so I closed both UEFN and Fortnite. Came back and noticed Jay mentioned an update and now I can’t access this project.
(Optional) Impacted Island Code: none

Can we get a zip of your project @TheAweDam ? Epic is on break for two weeks but we are going to comb the forums to get these issues ticketed. I can try to open it to see if I can gleam any clues.

Can’t seem to send it here.

Just made an entirely new project saved, closed it, then reopened it and my game crashes. I can’t open any of my projects.