Blocker - Loading times become impractical in large projects

When working on 2 projects simultaneously and one is a large project, you have to load the entire thing every time you open live edit. This requires a killer connection to do and have it be less than 20 mins. Which means that iteration time to me doing anything in the project requires 20 mins of the editor being frozen and me staring at the screen, doing nothing. This is not productive for me, and I know the moment I work on the other project, I have to do it again, and it might be more cause project is growing.

Would love to have UEFN be more accessible and us actually working instead of waiting.


And even after it loads, the sync times out and you get something like this:

This is on the same project btw, after waiting for 20 mins, it desyncs and requires one more time to sync:


I cant afford to wait an hour when I am ready to start working on projects, this has to be addressed. Atm, only fiber connections can load large projects, it shouldn’t be like that