Block Assets : Is it the right way to go ?

I’m looking for a way to easily shape a 3D “city” like something medieval, with huge proportion (like a 1-2km² map) with severals houses, interiors + exteriors in the same big map.
So i tried with the “Block” way, trying to build several block i can put together to build houses, dongeons, castles, and each block have it own UCX collision box done in 3ds max (with 1-3 cubes of collision for each)

Here a preview :

Currently each block is made of 6 to 80polygons, but it will increase this later when i will add details.

But i’m not sure if its the best way to go, assembling thousands of little 256x256 blocks, each one having some collision box.
I don’t know if its best to build a complete Houses props in 1 big model or assembling each house in 20-100blocks, grouping them together and duplicating them to spread the houses.
Because i already have some “lag” issues moving 40-50blocks grouped to do that in the viewport (with a decent computer).

I fear that soon the Unreal Engine will not handle than much amount of block to build a city in 1map.
Maybe i’m wrong so if you have any advices i will be perfect^^.

Hi Bukudan_kun,

There are many different ways to go about doing what you’re setting up. To build a game world the size you would like will require using some culling volumes and things for optimization down the line to get better performance.

As for building your assets, I personally build my larger assets (ie. buildings, structures with repeating objects, etc) modularly. I can see you’re doing that with the castle pieces you have in your scene already. When doing something like a house or a small building I would build that out as it’s own model. I would use a tiling textures and such to get the best UV space use. In that instance I would have my roof, walls, floor, the building structure use a tiling texture. Any smaller assets inside the house like plates, lamps, or other small objects I would fit to a single texture (where possible) whether it be with unique uvs or using tiling again to maximize what I wanted my object to look like.

When doing collision, for instance, on the wall pieces that have the individual wall pieces that come up. Those should not have a box around each one. You would see better performance by have a single block of collision along those pieces. You may have already done this but I just wanted to use this as an example.



on this topic, if i build a house in pieces and want to move to another level and not want join the pieces again, what its the best way?
selecting all parts and copy if its a complicated house its a hassle

any tutorial about this topic around?

i am a beginner and need tuts :>

Thanks Mister Hobson, i guess i’ll try to build larger parts to avoid merging thousands of block for the floor^^.
You’r right about the tiling advice and doing props with there own uv’s and texture.

My mainl issue was really about if the Unreal Engine can Handle that much amount
of little block running the game smootly. ( even if the Elemental Demo scene handle like 17millions polygons XD)

Knack :
You can just made some Blueprint of houses with your pieces, and then be able to just drag the different “Blueprint Houses” in a different scene (it works like Prefab on Unity) without reassembling them every time.