Blending to a new Camera in ThirdPersonGameMode, and make the camera movable?

Hello Forum,

New to the Engine and Blueprint, but have to figure this out quite fast sadly…

I created a basic ThirdPerson Character BP Project.
My goal is to trigger a cameraswitch when entering a BoxTrigger.
The ThirdPerson Cam should switch to a new CameraComponent I created inside the Level.

The switch is working by using the ‘ViewTarget with Blend’ node.
But I’m not able to figure out how to make my camera rotatable ingame…

I tried Setting new Pitch and Yaw values for the cameracomponent using my input events but it doesn’t work.

What am I missing? (except a lot of basic knowledge regarding Blueprints… :slight_smile: )

Hey @Esposito_Neyroo

you have to EnableInput to use your inputs:

Hey there @Esposito_Neyroo! Welcome to the community! So I think one of the things here is this camera isn’t receiving player inputs because it’s not a pawn that’s possessed. Generally there’s a couple of types of actors that always receive input from the player regardless. That is widgets attached to their viewport, the pawn they are controlling, and the player controller their inputs are being passed through.

There’s many ways you can get around this! You could send your commands from your player controller to the camera or you could possess the camera directly when you swap to it.

Possession: You can make each of the camera’s pawns and control them directly. Downside is that if you need to move your player character in the meantime you can’t really go this method.

Communications: You’d have to tell the cameras to move from your player controller or actor. There’s lots of ways to do this, so I’ll let the documentation go over each of them and you can decide which it best for your use case.

I’ll leave a bit of documentation for both, I personally recommend just communication if it’s just a camera. Feel free to read through them and ask me any questions you have!