Blending textures?

Hi! New to the forum and UE4.

I want to create a material where at least two areas of my surface have different roughness. My plan was to create a rgb mask and use the rgba channels to define these parts of the surface and use a multiply or something so I can change the different roughness levels in unreal so I dont have to resave the texture every time. So from my mask I want to create a grey image in unreal where the areas have different values and I can controll each of these values.

On top of this I want to add a bitmap to create some variation in the roughness. I would like to be able to control how much effect this bitmap have.

Is this possible and how is it done?

Best regards

Check out the last part paragraph of thistutorial
Basically you should use a “Lerp”(Linear Interpolation) node which will blend two different values based on third(Could be a texture, solid color and etc)