Blending animation problem with root motion

Hi there!

I have a set of animations of an armed guy and I would like to use part of them for the unarmed version. Most of them would be useful if I just could make the armed hand remain opened during the animation just as the other hand is. So, I used a Mirror Data Table, and with a Blend Node (using a blend weight of 0.99 instead of 1.00, to allow blending of root motion animations), applied from the hand bone, I pretend to copy the animation from the open hand to the close one… this is, I use a state machine that works perfectly with all the animations but has one hand opened and the other one closed, and pass the same state machine through the Mirror Data Table to blend in a Blend Node that has branch filters applied from the bone hand… and everything works fine with the animations that do not use root motion, and the character moves with his opened hands… until I use an animation that has root motion… It seems that root motion is also “blended” somehow so it reproduces a weird animation, and this happens even if I remove every row in the Mirror Data Table that has nothing to do with the hands (root row included).

Does anyone know how to avoid this? Or any alternative idea to copy a hand animation to the other hand… Is there a way in UE5 to edit the animation so that I could create a new one of those with root motion mirroring the open hand to the close one?