Blender user New to Ue4 and i need some help to Level up

Hello Community.

My name is Chris and I decided to takew a break from my zbrush concepting and dive head first into the world of UE4. I now have a huge headache.

But, this shall not deter me.

I have made an island. I have textured it.

I have added trees and some wavy grass

I created a couple of models and applied materials to them.

All was going well

I then created a set of first person arms within blender.

I have rigged them and they are deforming pretty nice.

I have set blender up the best I can with a window with the first person to help visualise whats going on.

BUT, I cannot for the life of me figure out the workflow to animate a set of states - usual idle, draw, swing, fire, reload…I just very confused.

I simply don’t know where to begin in blender. I have seen tuts about animating but none of them really go over what must be done to achieve what I need. Maybe I haven’t found the right tutorial…

I know I need to use the dope sheet and graph editor, but I need a structured workflow so I am confident in going forward.

So after all this waffling on, I’m hoping that someone could help me out here. I’m very stuck


I’ll give a shot. You can watch this channel

Hope it helps!