Blender to Unreal: Rigify and Root Motion Problems


I am sorta new to unreal but have been using Blender off an on for a couple years. I recently began creating a small game and I am running into issues with my attack animations, specifically root motion. I followed some guides and checked the box for root motion but it doesn’t seem to be working as my character still moves forward and returns back to the idle position. In the specific animation previews, the red root motion line is not showing either. Part of me wonders if its because I am using a custom model with a slightly modified rigify skeleton. This is because all of the guides I have seen are using pre-built assets from places like mixamo which seems to be working fine. I was unable to find a solution that fits my specific scenario so I wanted to try the forums for more specific help.

I would appreciate any help you can give!

It’s hard to say what’s wrong. Are you naming the armature object “armature”? That way the extra root bone that messes up root motion will be removed and you can use the root bone animation as the actual root motion which is what you want.