Blender to UE4 import issue

I have a file that I imported into Blender to create a basic animation to test with, then I export it to a FBX. When I import into UE4 I get a 'Could Not Find Needed track (master).

[File I import into Blender][1]

[Blender File][2]

[UE4 Import File][3]

how are you exporting?

I opened your blend file in blender, exported using the standard fbx export script, then imported to UE4, I got 3 warnings about the out of date fbx/one about materials(I think)/ and one about the extra bone blender adds during export, however even with the warnings the animation still played ok, I also tried to import the fbx file from your 3rd link but UE4 just closed instantly.

I found an export plugin for FBX, not sure where I found it. When I use the Blender built in FBX export, I get this:

How do I check the animation?

You can double check master_Default_Take or master_Rigid_Arm (AnimSequence) and it will open Persona.