Blender to UE4, Complex Character UV/Normals/Materials workflow

Hey, I’m new to modelling and ue4. My question is, What is the best workflow to bring a complex character mesh from blender to ue4?
This question seems broad, but my main concerns:

Should I create separate normal map images for the different layers of clothing/body/hair
In ue4 it seems like I have to use a material slot I created in blender for the normal maps, and I’m not sure how to create a master material slot to apply 1 normal map image to the entire mesh, and still have material slots to change the material say on the belt buckle.

This concern is related to the last one, in that, say I create a material placeholder for the belt and scabbard, I make a normal map to give it more detail, create a texture image using the uvs to “paint” the look I want on it. But in my picture above u can see I use a different material for the metal parts on the belt and scabbard, namely the buckle and top of the scabbard. but now I have faces on the same mesh using 2 different materials which I don’t know how to do. So being ignorant like I am, the only solution I can see is to create different normal map images for every single piece on the mesh… idk I’m lost plz help