Blender to UE4 character scale

Hey guys how’s everyone !!

First post here btw. n I got UE4 a couple of days back. ii think its super cool ! but I have a confusion… I created a character (not rigged yet) n I cant figure out how to make him approx. 180 cm/ 6 ft tall. I use a metric scale of 0.01 in blender. AND for the info, I exported the character as a static mesh into UE4 n it turned out be the size of the statue of liberty _ … help appreciated

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Make sure to take a look at this tutorial:

hello !! thanks for the awesomely quick reply (like seriously that was wayyy quicker than I expected)…

I took a look at the video by geodav… that seems to be EXACTLY what I want but i’m having another problem. in the video he used the skeletal mesh exported from UE4. when I imported the mesh (exported from the third person template) it was wayyy smaller than it was in the video. maybe blender is importing an incorrect size of it… also, the armature was imported too . but seemed corrupt. any ideas ?

nevermind I got him 183 cm tall by just randomly playing with the scales within blender. i’m trying to post sceenshots of my settings in blender and a comparison of my mesh In UE4 but i’m having trouble idk why

eddc3769c5fc5ec8238b62c3eed811e116722334.jpeg there you go !! this are my settings in blender and…

938ee3a2c06b8ab5758e3af2e5212693511fd2d2.jpeg this is my character (mesh only) size In comparison to the third person character in the templates