Blender to UE4 Animation Questions

Just a few quick questions. Please only respond to this post if you are well versed in both Blender *and *UE animation.
I have used Blender for years and I love it. I have only used UE for a couple months and so far it seems I have FINALLY found the game engine for me.
That said, I would like to take a game I have been working on for some time using another game engine and redo it in UE.

My questions are:
Is it easier to animate in Blender or UE?
Will my animation sequences import correctly to UE via .fbx export from Blender?
Is it necessarily better to use bone envelopes or weight painting, i.e. does it matter in this case of Blender to UE? (I hate using envelopes!)

I am hoping I can just do everything in Blender, but I do not want to spend lots of time there if it would be quicker and easier to do it in UE. I like UE a lot. But, I really hate the navigation around the 3d viewport. To me it is extremely clumsy and hard to use.


Never mind. Sorry for cluttering the forum with this post. I found my answer.

Anyone who may have this same concern, check out this short, concise video and read the comments.

Typically you’ll use UE to handle dynamic FKs, IKs, and look-at targets. All other animations should be made elswhere, including your locomotion animations (UE FK/IK handling should be used for tweaking rather than animation driving). Blender is fine. Just get used to importing and testing your rigs sooner rather than later before you commit to detailed skinning (as with any software), but blender can be a real butt for troubleshooting.