Blender to iclone to UE4

Hello its been a while but ive been busy.
I have a dragon that im working on.Im use Blender to i clone 6 to Ue4.
How do i set up eyes to work ?.
I want the eye to look at another actor.Also the head to track another actor.
I know how to rigg up a characters body.Im not sure what to do for the eyes.
Example. In game like street fighter where the head and eye move. Or in a first person shooter the eyes only move and dont look distorted or out of postion from the head or body.

The dragon stands tall so he is going to be looking downward at the player.His eyes and head need to tilt and move as the player below is moveing around.Also as he gets hit the eye lid need to close.

Another example the buge bosses in the up coming final fantasy game.The boss are huge and look at you as you run around. Please help.