Blender Skeletal Mesh Questions

Evening all.

I have been learning to animate in blender. Had some success but I have a few issues that I wanted to query before trying out more.

First issue I noticed when importing .fbx from blender into UE is that the mesh itself was the perfect scale but the animation or skeleton needed to be scaled up 100%.

This makes attaching things to bones in blueprints really awkward. Is this just a blender thing or have I got something wrong?

Secondly. I added IK to the feet of my model and since doing that, I can’t import to UE due to error “multiple root bones”. As far as I know I only have one bone named root. I’m not sure what UE classes as being a root bone though.

I figure it can’t be IK causing the issue as I have a ue4 mannequin.blend which uses IK and imports just fine.

So just need some pointers.
Thanks a lot in advance everyone!

  1. You are right, that’s a Blender thing. The usual workaround is to change the unit scale of the scene to 0.01, before you start to animate.
  2. Can you show a screenshot of your hierarchy in Blender? You might need to make a new root bone on the ground and attach those IKs to the hip, if that is your current root.

Yeah, what ninjin said is correct, I’m using a unit scale of 0.01 with length set to metric and have zero problems with my animations or skeletons.
Regarding the IK bones I’m assuming that they don’t have a parent bone right now, but your root bone is the only one allowed to have no parent, every other bone has to be a child (direct or indirect) of that root bone.