Blender project

Since Blender joined forces with Unreal, that what i was told on the Blender forum. also i have seen the point rail system on Asassin creed Syndicate not very good, a train should derail by right, just when play that game just studie it, so i came up with better, so i went and bring up Fleischmann model railway point and use that as a referance image and layed all sleeper, also there is a switch so trains can change tracks something developers did no think of when creating Asassin creed syndicat, i build track parts for a better railway system equal to the real world, then workout how to export to UE4.

So im doing i think LH point
RH point
LH curved point
RH curved point
LH Double slip
RH Double slip

also sydicate Round house for turn table, inside there are no Buffer stop for storage of Steam and Diesels, so trains can keep going smash through the rear wall.