Blender or Maya LT, Voice Over/Sound

First question concerning 3d modeling, Is Maya LT worth the $30 a month or would you stick with blender?
Second question. Are there any good affordable websites for voice over actors? I remember seeing something in the content store of either UE4 or Unity, but it is no longer there. Also in regards to sound is there any software that would be worth getting that would help make sound effects?

Probably the biggest advantage to using Maya would be the FBX support is better. For making content for games the 3D software doesn’t matter so much because many of the features of the software aren’t used for that purpose. Mostly it’s about personal preference. Though I will say if you’re looking to get a job in the industry it would be useful to know how to use either Maya or 3ds Max since most studios use those.

Thanks for your input Darth I may honestly look into Maya LT. Honestly it doesn’t take me long to find my way around a new program. Would you have any input on my other questions?