Blender or Maya Lt for best work flow?

Hi all

I know any other one of those questions.
I would like your opinions on what you think would be the best work flow for a one person show. Using Blender or Maya Lt.

I’m using Photoshop and Quixel and thinking about getting Megascans
I’m going to get character creator.
I mess around with Fuss and Mixamo
I’m messing around with Manuelbastionilab (It works with Blender and I do Like it) not good at it yet. But still like character creator best (Just free trail)

I like Maya Lt better then Blender I’ll pull my hair out some times with Blender but I do Like it and I’m getting better with it.
But having to do the work around’s to get the animation in to unreal seams a waste of time? When I can use Maya Lt.
But I know the more I use it and the more I get use to the work arounds it will become second nature. But I still I see it as a pain.
For me If I can save time with Maya Lt. I’m better off in the long run.
My game is character heavy and I’m not sure how to set up and moving car or and other thing in Blender yet and if I’m going to have any trouble getting it into unreal and working?
Also I’m looking at all 4 substance

One last thing how is blender with baking hi-poly models to low res one and how dose Blender do with Retopology?

I’m trying to get my game as close to a triple A game as I can. I know I’ll have to hair free lancers along the way. But I do not see any problem in I’m using Maya LT. and there using Blender or the other way around.

Thanks every one!