Blender into unreal asset creation, few questions

So I am trying to make a tank to import into unreal 4. I plan on making a normal map to get a higher poly model over it, and using a texture for the tank tracks. I am going to rig the road wheels with a bone each. I need a few pointers with the tracks and suspension though to see if what I am doing is the best way to go around it.

Tracks- How detailed should the base for the tracks be? Should they just be a rectangle following the curve? I want to be able to get the guiding spurs in. I should then apply a normal map for higher detail into the normal position and then a UV map that moves depending on the speed of the tank into the material, right?

Should the static mesh for the wheels actually rotate, or should that be done in materials?

For the suspension, I should make the static mesh a spline between the drive and return wheel, and have each point in the spline be below a road wheel which runs a collision check for both the lower part of the wheel and for the ground? Have the upper tracks have collision checks for the upper drive wheel?

How am I supposed to get the suspension arms working? No idea where to start from just making a static mesh and making it attached to the hull and wheel as two pivot points, how should I do that in unreal? Is there a better way to do that?

Thanks for any help.