Blender importing problem

Hi everyone,

So I’m still pretty new to the engine and blender, so as you can expect it can be really frustrating to learn this on your own. I’ve looked on the forums before for my issue but with the newest update, it seems that all the animation I do in Blender doesn’t import into Unreal. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, and I can’t find a single YouTube video that’s helpful or even up to date. Please this is my last resource. I’m also having this issue where when I bring in my skeletal meshes for my character he’s really small, so when I scale him up it creates this force-field that protects him from projectiles (which I also can’t figure out how to fix). Please help, I’m starting to pull out my hair because of this.

-the size -> After you have scaled it right, make sure that you go to object-apply-scale/location/rotation
-I dont know exactly what you mean with “force-field” -> in the character bp you can find a capsule component which defines the collision. Make sure that it stays at the same size :slight_smile:

Try to export as FBX ASCII, i cant get anything to work(regarding skeleton mesh) with the regular FBX 7.4 binary.

Hey By the force field I mean this []. I think it has something to do with scaling but I really can’t figure it out. I got the animation put in but now I can’t get my projectiles to collide and make the actor ragdoll. Please help I’m really confused.