Blender imported animation: bones rotated wrong

I’ve created and animated a mesh in Blender (version 2.71). Some of its animations have the bones rotated incorrectly when imported into UE4, and I can’t figure out why.

Here’s an example animation in Blender:

But when imported into UE4, note how the ring finger isn’t as closed:

Some other animations I’ve imported similarly have just a handful of bones that appear to be rotated slightly wrong, not always the ring finger chain. All the bones are at scale 1 in Blender.

What could the problem be here?
In case it’s of any assistance, the fbx file I’ve imported is [available here][3].

Hi gardenvariety -

This is a known issue with importing FBX from Blender into the engine. It has been fixed in an internal build and will be released in an upcoming update to the engine. It will allow you to opt out from “Convert Scene” in the import.

Stay Tuned -

Eric Ketchum

Im having the same problem, unchecking convert scene doesn’t fix the issue in my case…

I’m having a similar problem, unchecking or checking convert scene has no effect. Using Blender 2.73(just 2.73 not 2.73a) and Unreal Engine 4.7.2