Blender Animation Import issue

Hey everyone, so I’m trying to add an animation to a my test project for a school assignment, but I’m having some serious issues that have me grinding to a halt. First when I import and bring my animation with the mesh into UE4 from blender, I have to scale the model to the size I’m looking for. Once that is done I want to be able to have the model collide with my projectiles. So here is where my problems. My instincts are telling me to switch on Simulate physics for the mesh and animation, but when I do that, the model disappears. So as of now I have it unchecked so I can at least see the animation. But when I attempt to shoot the model there is this forcefield type of thing around the model preventing my projectiles from hitting him (reference photo []). Please I’m trying to finish this up soon so I can earn my credits so I can graduate. Does anyone know how to fix these problems?