Blender animation exporting

HI peepz
so, since i make models in blender im used to make animations there as well however i faild to find a way to export the animation without the skeletal mesh

if any1 knows how to export only the animation that i can applay to the alredy existing skeletal mesh (ofcourse same skeleton) let me know
would help my work A LOT

hi, don’t know if it will help but have you checked this stream out yet:–-Blender-amp-UE4-Part-2-Feb-10th-2015

about to re-watch it now to see if it can help me, maybe you can find something in there tha’ll help you too, hope so
(if you can get your model retargeted to their skeleton then you can use the animations in UE4 & the free animations on marketplace, it might help to find out how to use your own)

Hi, to export an animation from Blender you need to select your action (already done for you unless you messed around with settings) and optionally your armature, then tick “Baked Animations” in the FBX export options panel

Make sure to delete the mesh in Object mode (not just it’s polygons in Edit mode), otherwise you’ll get a “Skeletal Mesh” import prompt in UE4

Here is an example of what your .blend should look like when you’re ready to export :