Blender and Root Motion in UE4 4.6

I had trouble getting root motion animations from blender to UE4, so I am posting some of the settings and steps I used to import the animations. (Blender 2.72b and UE4 4.6)

First I followed krisredbeard’s wordpress tutorial for exporting blender models to UDK and commented out a line(2427) in blender scripts\addons\io_scene_fbx \


You can create an animation with root movement and export the skeleton and mesh


Drag and Drop into UE4
Create a animation blueprint and character blueprint
Assign your skeleton and animation to your mesh in the character blueprint


Click on one of your animations and in the Persona’s anim assets detail panel check enable root motion


In your anim graph select the edit default tab inside of the anim blueprint editor panel and change root motion mode to root motion from everything
Attach your animation to your final animation pose


If you have movement in the Z-axis you may need to change the character’s movement mode to flying to see the animation
After these changes I did not see the animation in the anim preview but while playing in the game editor the animation played and the capsule moved with it


You will probably want to fire it discretely, if so create an animation montage
Drop you animation(s) inside your montage group
Over in your event graph, create a play montage node and select your montage
Fire it with your custom event and it should play under your own logic
(You may want to disconnect or use a different final pose)

This Unreal tutorial should show you how to blend your state machine pose with your montage

I’ll give this a go and see how it turns out. Good going sharing your process here :slight_smile: