Blender and Makehuman

Hi, So I’ve been trying to get blender with some of the free rigs available to work with UE4.

So far I’ve had nothing work flawlessly yet, I want to have finger bones and a jaw bone to.

If i use the makehuman rig, everything imports correctly and appears to work fine until you rig something else with it.

In this case I noticed the shoes where actually attached to the legs, so I had to re-rig them, but when I try to use the ik I get this issue.


Where as if I use rigify I get this issue inside UE4.


And finally the basic rig from makehuman, which is really a last resort because it has not been rigged properly to the character like the other rigs and the IK has not been implimented,
which means it gives wierd results on the shoulders.

Screenshot 2014-07-23 15.21.23(2).jpg

I have watched all the tutorials on youtube, but they are all ultimately useless because there is one of these sort of errors that destroys the whole process.

If I could get rigify to work that would be the best because I have used it in previous projects and I know that it works well with rigging new characters.

After all if i cant use the rig on non-make human models its of no use, because i need to create my own clothes and things like that.