Blender 2.80 -> Unreal 4.22.3 UV Mapping Problem

Hi There,

I have objects created in blender 2.8, and the various parts of my objects (furniture mainly) has UV Mappings done right in blender. Unfortunately, I seem to be facing quite an irritating problem. For some of the furniture I have a mix of primitive objects and complex objects. The complex objects I manually slice the UV maps with no problems transferring to unreal. But for any objects I use blender’s auto-mapping (like cube projection or cylinder projection) for, once I import into unreal it says that I have “nearly zero normals/bi-normals which could create issues”. It will take forever to go through each object and have them manually sliced for primitive shapes. I would appreciate any advice I could get if someone has found a workaround to this issue. Thanks a bunch in advance!!!



Obviously they aren’t properly UV mapped… what mode are you using to auto unwrap?

Generally speaking you can add a couple of seams that make sense and tell blender to auto unwrap again. Even if it sort of matches what Blender does without seams, it won’t. it should remove the Warnings as it makes the UV islands separate.

You can also ignore those warnings. “Could” does not mean they WILL generate issues.
Try putting them in an empty map with 1 point light and baking lights to see if the truncated values cause issues or not.

Also, I believe the issue is essentially that your UV islands are too close to one another.