Blend Space root motion animation sends character zooming off (4.7.5)


I have a simple blend space with four animations assigned, all of the animations are using root motion:

X -1.0 = Step Left.
X 1.0 = Step Right.
Y 1.0 = Step Forward.
Y -1.0 = Step Backward.

When I view the blend space with Show->Process Root Motion it looks perfect, however when I run the game step left / step forward work fine but when I step right / step backwards the character slides very quickly to an unknown location, not the origin interestingly, probably a huge number some where. I thought maybe it was the animation data, but with it working in the test that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’ve been trying to figure out whats going on but with not luck, any ideas would be welcome.

(unfortunately for me I’m unable to share files or video due to an NDA)

Thank you,