Blend Profile Scale - Won't Save Edits - Solved

When editing a Blend Profile for a skeleton, I struggled for quite a while trying to figure out how to save the changes I was making. There appears to be an issue in the editor where if you just click on a value, type a number, and then click on another value, the UI updates with the value you entered, but it does not actually “save” the value. So if you switch to another Blend Profile, you lose your changes! This is very obvious because if you right click the bone name, and look at the “Recursivly Set Blend Scales to X” option, it will show whatever the value was before you edited, NOT your current value.


Note…this does NOT happen if you use the mouse to drag the blend value right or left, BUT…you can only drag in increments of 10. (At least, I can’t figure out how to change the drag increment.)

I did finally find a solution, though, which is why I’m posting here, so others with the same issue don’t have to pull their hair out.


After clicking on a value, type the new value, and without doing anything else, hit ENTER. That causes some sort of “value changed” to fire and it works.