blend pose and anim notify

Using the blend poses the anim notify don’t work

Idle_turnMp40 have a anim notify.

The animation start on idle_mp40 and when I hit a key start idle_turnMp40 but it don’t fire the event on eventGraft.

Your event may be firing, but the set node that you have attached it to is setting Active Talk to false.
The blend pose by bool won’t switch to the turn animation unless Active Talk is true.

Before proceeding, attach your event to a print text node.
That’ll let you see an on screen and in-log message, letting you know if it is/isn’t firing.

hi Kris Thanks,

I was using a breakpoint to know if the event was fired, but the breakpoint don’t work :confused:, using a print text the event is fired.

Bug:confused: the print string node work but the breakpoint doesn’t