Blend from ragdoll to standing

I’m currently attempting to get a ragdoll character to get back up blending into a standing animation.

Currently, to cause the ragdoll I take a character skeletal mesh component and call


This has the desired effect with the body detaching from the characters capsule component and correctly responding to physics.

However, I can’t seem to get the character to blend to a stand up again properly. Currently, I can get the character to immediatly return to a standing position by simply reattaching the mesh to the capsule component and adding the same initial relative location/rotation.

However, I want the character to first blend into an animation (standing up). I have the animation correctly playing however it won’t blend to the right orientation. eg if after physics the character is lying on its front, attaching the character to the capsule with a snap target will cause the character to keep the same pose but will change the location and direction to be the same orientation as the capsule.


If I attempt to just play the animation without attaching yet or just attach but retain the world location then the animation will play correctly but the character will finish standing in the wrong orientation (still lying on the floor but in the standing animation) as seen below.


I’ve tried following the epic tutorial on poses which is the method I used however their solution is to add extra physics bodies within the skeleton this causes problems when SetAllBodiesSimulatePhysics(false) is called which causes the mesh to teleport to random locations. The tutorial itself uses SetSimulatePhysics(false) when I use this and follow the tutorial everything worked fine in terms of the ragdoll getting up however SetSimulatePhysics causes me issues when adding forces to the ragdoll mesh as it states the mesh isn’t simulating physics and it doesn’t respond correctly when I apply forces.

In the video, they mention it can be done by attaching the mesh to the capsule and then correctly orienting it ( but I can’t find a smooth way to make it attach retaining its location and then stand up vertically.

Any help would really be appreaciated. Also apologies if the formatting is bad or this is the wrong discussions to post in this is the first time I’ve ever posted!