Blank project pawn controls.

Most likely a question with a very obvious answer but…

When I create a new “Blank” project, if I go to play immediately, I can fly around, use WASD etc. How is this working exactly? I’m assuming that if you don’t define a new game mode and default pawn class within that game mode, you get some kind of default pawn which has various hard coded controls?

Thanks muchly!

yes, if you create your own character and game mode and change the defaults to your own, you end up with a grounded capsule but still with a camera.

If you look under Project Settings -> Maps & Modes you can see that the Default GameMode is ‘GameMode’, which sets the default Pawn class to ‘DefaultPawn’. That class is something we provide as part of the Engine and has basic floating movement and controls, just for convenience. You can easily specify your own new Pawn class as the default by creating a new GameMode and assigning it as the default instead.